Established in August of 2019, Paulding Chess is a chess club for the residents of Paulding County, Georgia. We have played at White Oak Park, Dallas Public Library, Piece of Heaven and East Bound and Grounds. We are currently playing chess in person, see our events below. Contact us for more details.

Meet the Coaches

Yvonne White

Yvonne learned the amazing game of chess in 2009.  In the Spring of 2010 she attended a F.I.D.E. International training seminar, and obtained the title of Developmental Instructor.  She then began teaching chess in after-school programs and summer camps in Atlanta.  Not until that time did she begin to enjoy the full value of chess, and what the game has to offer to children and families.  From there she also volunteered with a hospice company teaching and playing chess with senior players.

Warren White

Warren began learning the wonderful game of chess at the Atlanta Chess Center.  The Atlanta Chess Center was not only a great way to socialize, but also offered affordable entertainment he so desperately needed during the recession of 2008.  He has coached children through after-school programs in Atlanta. He has also worked with seniors through a nursing home in New Jersey.

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